What the project Brest-2019 is?

Project “Brest-2019” was initiated by the Brest City Executive Committee and by Vladimir Mikulik a businessman of Brest origin and was launched with international seminar Brest fortress-territory and resources for creating an international cultural center” in November 2012.

The Project objective is to develop and implement a holistic project aimed at preservation and development of Brest Fortress and adjacent areas.
The Project task is to create on the territory of Brest Fortress an international historical, cultural and tourist centre that will be able to attract up to 2 million visitors a year.

The project includes:

•          Conceptual Master Plan for Preservation and Development of Brest Fortress (zoning, infrastructure, new tourism facilities, marketing program, execution schedule and budget);

•          Master Plan – a reconstruction project of the Brest city historical quarter that is bounded by Lenin Street, M1 highway and Brest Fortress Defense Heroes Street;

•        Marketing strategy and economic model of the project implementation plan.

The international project team includes leading experts and practitioners from the field of tourism, urban planning, development, marketing, museum planning, and creative industries from nine countries: Russia, Belarus, other CIS countries and the EU.

For the purpose of the Project, the local charitable foundation “Brest Fortress Development Foundation” was established with the project management office in Brest.

The Brest Fortress Development Foundation is a non-profit non-membership organization based on voluntary asset contributions. It is aimed at achieving social, charitable, cultural, educational, scientific and other socially useful purposes.

The objective of the Foundation is to bring together intellectual, financial and organizational efforts and capabilities of Russian, Belarusian and foreign individuals and legal entities to facilitate the development of Brest Fortress and adjacent areas.

The main task of the Foundation is to raise funds and resources for the development of Brest Fortress and adjacent areas. The Foundation will raise funds from different grant programs, foundations and other institutions and organizations of the Republic of Belarus, the CIS countries, the Union State and the European Union. In addition, the Foundation’s activity will be financed by the donations collected from individuals and legal entities.

Structure of the Foundation: the Board of Trustees, the Board, and the Executive Directorate.

 Principal focus areas of the Project:

  • Inventarisation and documentation of Brest Fortress is aimed at gathering of information about extant cultural heritage sites of Brest Fortress. On-site investigation of the fortress area was conducted and it allowed revealing 225 cultural heritage sites. Identification, structural assessment, photographic documentation, cataloging and last but not least building measurement of 95 fortifications were made. Historical and archival research on the history of Brest-Litovsk Fortress was conducted. More than 9,000 files related to the topic of Brest-Litovsk Fortress available in Russian State Military Historical Archive (Moscow, St. Petersburg) as well as in archive funds of Poland were handled. About 800 files of great historical and practical value were singled out.

The Manager of this Project focus area is Alexey Starkov, archeologist, historian, and expert in the field of introducing fortification heritage into social and cultural circulation.

  • Conceptual Master Plan for Preservation and Development of Brest Fortress will present the key milestones of the 1000-year city history and will form a new model for sustainable territorial development and for the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Fortress. In addition, the concept will create new scenarios and motivations for attendance of the Fortress by the city’s residents as well as will allow for the development of the existing museums.

The concept should take into account the whole system of existing constraints (Brest Fortress is a highest category historical and cultural importance object etc.). The concept should use state-of-the-arts technology and international expertise of similar previous projects.

The Manager of this Project focus area is Dieter Bogner (Vienna, Austria), Doctor of Art History, museum designer who created over 60 museum complexes, and Professor at Vienna University.

  • Master Plan of adjacent areas bounded by Lenin Street, M1 highway and Brest Fortress Defense Heroes Street.

The master plan addresses the issue of connections between the modern city and the Fortress as the Fortress territory development should be aligned with the city development.

The aim is to offer a program for creating a network of new public spaces based on architectural and historical heritage that will naturally complement and develop the existing city center of Brest. The master plan forms the modern hospitality infrastructure.

Four architectural groups from Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine prepared the scenarios of the original version of the master plan. The first presentation was held in Brest City Executive Committee on March 6, 2013. In an open professional discussion the best ideas were selected from each scenario, finalized and combined into a single project. The next stage is obtaining an approval from the City Planning Council, preparing the detailed design and conducting public hearings.

The Manager of this Project focus area is Yuri Perelygin (St. Petersburg, Russia) who has a vast hands-on experience in city/territorial planning, development of regional strategies, and development of cultural and historical heritage areas.

  • Marketing strategy and economic model of the project implementation plan.

The team’s efforts are aimed at creating sustainable development and project implementation mechanisms. Being the western gate of Belarus, Brest has a high potential for international tourism markets. Even today, 2.8 million people annually transit via Brest. The marketing group has been exploring the most promising international markets and developing a program to promote cultural and touristic products of Brest.

Experts of this focus area:

Coliers International (Minsk)

Bjorn Stenvers (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Marketing Director of the Museum of Amsterdam, Chairman of the Advisory Marketing Group at Amsterdam Tourist and Convention Board, a member of the Board at Dutch Association of Cultural Marketing and Communication.

Julia Rybakova (St. Petersburg, Russia), expert in tourism market analysis, area marketing, and tourism products and services.

Leading specialists from the field of tourism, urban planning, development, marketing, museum planning, cultural heritage are involved into the project development process. More than 300 museum specialists, historians and experts from Belarus, CIS and EU countries as well as around one thousand Brest residents took part in the project workshops and events.

Project Partner and organizer:

Association of cultural managers, Moscow

Association of cultural managers (ACM) – the only professional organization of this sort in Russia – a nation-wide cultural network uniting experts, consultants, and managers of cultural projects driven by a common mission to establish and promote contemporary administration standards to manage cultural processes.


Brest Fortress Development Foundation

Inna Prilezhaeva, Project director, +7(926)227-2186, inna-amcult@bk.ru

Alina Dzeravianka, Project coordinator, + 37529 5544017, ibrest2020@gmail.com

Artsiom Zdanevich, Project communication team coordinator, + 37529 7201070, pr.brest2019@gmail.com







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