The project “Brest -2019»” was introduced at the session of the project “AT FORT”

On May 21-22 within the framework of the project «AT FORT – Atelier European Fortresses» took place an international conference in Kaunas, Lithuania dedicated to the issues of funding and preservation of fortifications with regard to the new economic conditions.

The director of the project “BREST-2019” Inna Prilezhaeva presented the current outcome of the project as well as ways of development of the conceptual master plan for the Brest Fortress area. Special attention was paid to the mechanisms of sustainable development of the area.

Discussion of the issues connected with the European experience in funding similar projects at the stage of planning and realization as well as cooperation with European structured finance institutions and private investors was especially useful to «Brest-2019» project.

One of the session parts was devoted to the presentation of the successful practical realizations of the similar projects, i.e. “The New Dutch Waterline”, “Fortifications of Vauban”, “FortMonostor”, “Kaunas Fortress”. Apart from that, the current European trends related to the different ways of use of fortress and forts were considered.

At the final discussion, the session leader Peter Ros presented the diversity of ways of fortification heritage preservation. The main conclusion of the conference was that effective heritage management requires flexibility, compromise and far-reaching connections.

«AT FORT» – is a project that brings together ten important European fortified heritage sites and one university, who aim to preserve these fortification sites. ImageImage
photos: Kaunas fort VIIImage
Photo: Brest-2019 project



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