Information about the project BREST 2019

Information about the project BREST 2019

About Brest

Brest was founded around 1000 years ago, first mentioned in 1019.

Brest is an important international railway hub for Berlin-Moscow route, for the international transport corridor E30 (Cork – Berlin – Warsaw – Brest – Minsk – Moscow). The number of transit people for the year 2012 was 2.8 million.

Brest, because of its geographical position and history, plays an important role in the collective memory of many peoples and countries of Europe. Today Brest is the main western gate of the Republic of Belarus, with its long history was a part of Ancient Rus’, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, the Hetman of Ukraine, Poland and the Soviet Union.

The Brest fortress was built by the Russian Empire on the spot of the old city in 1836 – 1842, the city itself was moved and rebuilt.

Brest Fortress today:

  • • The only European surviving sample of architecture combining a bastion fortress of the 19th century, two fort rings of the beginning of the 20th century and a fortified sector created according to the fortification rules of the middle of the 20th century
  • The only European museum of Eastern-Slavs

• An outstanding sample of monumental architecture of the Soviet period

• The museums: The memorial complex “Brest Fortress – Hero”, the Archaeological Museum

  • “Berest’e”, Museum of Art – Brest Regional Museum
    • A Natural landscape park
    • A candidate for inclusion into the list of UNESCO Cultural Heritage

The problems ofthe Brest Fortress:

• Maintained area less than approximately 10% (40 ha) of territory
• Part of the Brest Fortress objects are in an emergency condition, some of them can be destroyed

• ~ 90% of the Brest Fortress are beyond the attention of tourists and visitors
• Tourist flow declined from 1.5 million in the 80 years up to 350 thousand per year


The Concept of the Brest Fortress must respect the interests of the lands and peoples historically united in Brest, and become a space for dialogue at present and in cultural development in the future. It shall also consider the wide public participation at all stages of the project.

About the project BREST-2013:


BREST-2019 is a complex project aimed at including Brest Fortress and the adjacent areas into the modern city scenarios and imparting to it new functions of a communicational, cultural and historical, entertainment and partly residential and business center of the city.

Priorities of the project:

  • • preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Brest Fortress
  • • restoration of the objects of the historical heritage of Brest Fortress
  • • trans-regional and international cooperation within the framework of tourism
  • intercultural cooperation and support of cultural initiatives
  • • studying and popularization of the fortification heritage of Brest Fortress
  • • organizing international scientific seminars, conferences and symposiums
  • • increasing investment attractiveness of Brest Fortress and the adjacent areas

Project Partner and organizer:

Association of cultural managers, Moscow

Association of cultural managers (ACM) – the only professional organization of this sort in Russia – a nation-wide cultural network uniting experts, consultants, and managers of cultural projects driven by a common mission to establish and promote contemporary administration standards to manage cultural processes.

ACM members live and work in Russia, Belarus, the United States, different countries of the European Union and Asia.

ACM projects focus on cultural entrepreneurship, area-based and community development, integration of traditional cultural concepts into the contemporary urban life, and cooperation projects for creative professionals.

More information about the project:Брест-2019-Модель-для-сборки/276895622436867


Inna Prilezhaeva – the head of the project “BREST – 2019”,

project director Association of cultural managers:

+7 (926)227 21 86,

Artsiom Zdanevich – pr-manager



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