On 31 May — 4 June, 2013 Central House of Arts gathered several thousand-strong audience of visitors. Intermuseum 2013 Festival is discussion space, exposition Museum Guide, kids’ interactive displays and cultural programme for museum specialists and wide audience.


On 3 of June, 2013 in the Main Hall a panel discussion on “Museum Version of History” took a place, where participants considered issues of museum connections with heritage and history as of today as well as issues related to the degree of museum responsibility for decision-making.


In the discussion participated doctors of historical sciences, directors of museums, experts in the field of culture studies, international experts.

The most interest was aroused by the speech given by Dieter Bogner, a leading specialist in the field of museum PR, Art Historian (PhD), University Lecturer at University of Vienna, who presented the project “Brest-2019”.

Moderator: B. Dolgin, Science Editor, Vladimir Dukelsky, doctor of historical sciences, Russian Institute for Culture Studies.


Speakers: A.Levykin, State Historical Museum, director; V. Fomin, State Museum of Political History of Russia, senior vice-director; O. Ryzhkov, National Historical Museum, Respublic Belarus, director; D. Bogner, museum planner, concept developer of “Brest 2019 project; Brent Glass, National Museum of American; Petra Katzenstein, Jewish Historical Museum;


Further discussions were held at the “Museum for Everyone” venue, where a round-table discussion on heritage objects and contemporary markets of culture took place.


The main issues of the topic related to the transformation of cultural heritage into investments and economical area development resource. According to D. Bogner “Cultural heritage is always a business. However, business is not only for profit but it also serves as owner’s image building tool by means of organizing events on a pro-bono basis”.


The need to preserve cultural sites seen as heritage and not only as a source of income was highlighted in the course of discussion.



D. Bogner – Art Historian (PhD), University Lecturer at University of Vienna

V. Orlov – Patriotic and Military Heritage Centre; Director

V. Mikulik – a participants of ART PLAY project, mover of «Brest-2019» project

Y. Zelentsova – “Intermuseum 2013″ organizer

I. Prilezhaeva – Project Director of the Association of Cultural Managers, operator of the “Brest2019” project

Е. Melvil – ZIL Culture Center, Director

N. Palazhchenko – Advisor to the Modern Art Support Centre “Vinzavod” Image


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