The Brest Fortress joins international Night of Museums. The event was held in Berestye Archeological Museum.


On the 18th of May the international action “Night of Museums” allowed Brest museums depart from the conventional format of boring excursions. This year residents and visitors of the city were encouraged to discover culture and heritage venues on their doorstep in a different light.


Staff of the museum “Berestye” had prepared a quest-tour especially for this day. A score of groups have expressed the desire to visit the collections in a different and unusual way, to check and deepen their knowledge about the city history.

All the questions of the quest (there were more than twenty) anyhow related to the past and present of the Brest city. In order to answer some of them visitors had to come to a specified place and talk to a historical “figure”, i.e. in the ruins of the Bernardine Monastery players had to find a good ghost, who in turn had to tell them a story about the name of the monastery and its abbess. Apart from that participants took part in reading love poems, chatting with a Jew, guessing melodies performed on violin, playing different games and even inquiring of lamplighter after information related to the amount of kerosene needed for lighting the Soviet street of the Brest city. During the tour, participants have visited the Park of Old Street Lights, have seen fountain of the Pink Chestnuts Alley, and have walked down the old, so-called “trilin” road.

Visitors were encouraged to listen to the tour inside the museum, to have a look at such exhibits as national toys and linen products, and what is more important to touch them. 

Jousting contests and medieval music were among the events intended to entertain people. Those visitors who were more active were encouraged to participate in pillow fight and themed quizzes.

All the activities finished late evening in the yard of Museum of the History of the City. While organizers were summing up the result of the game, participants watched medieval coin striking demonstrations. Apart from that, everyone who came had a chance to learn medieval dances.


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